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Zoom Partner

Become Zoom Class Partner

Zoom has proved to be the most convenient way to teach online. Learn how you can become’s ZCP (Zoom Class Partner).

With the availability of ZOOM, we can not give live classes to people who do not want to use video trainings, and want interactive classes, we do these classes daily in our group, but we need more people to do them and teach different people in different languages.

If you want to become a parter of zoom class and get listed on our website as a zoom class partner, please make sure you have taught canva fiverr via zoom 3 times for free already, share videos of these classes posted on your YouTube channel, and then send us these video links to the number on 

We prefer that you teach our course only so that there is uniformity in the content that we are providing.

You will be allowed to charge upto PKR 2000/- a month for a ZOOM class that is held 20 times a month for 90 mins a day.