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Do you want to make 1 lakh a month by working on a Computer?

What is Freelancing? How can freelancing be done? Is Freelancing a scam or fraud? How to make money via freelancing? Watch this video to know the answers to all these questions.

A comprehensive book on do's and don'ts of Freelancing by Rehan Allahwala

"Freelancing Ki ABCD" - A Book By Rehan Allahwala

We want to teach freelancing to people who are new to mobile phones. And this book is for people who want to teach other people what freelancing is all about. Is it a fraud or a scam? 

If you want to teach this booklet in your home, mosque, in a place where you spend your free time, in your local community center, in a school, in a tea shop, the booklet is at your service. Using these lessons you can conduct a complete workshop on freelancing. You may have some hesitation, confusion in the beginning, in that case, inform me, I will write another manual for you.

Complete Course on Freelancing

A complete course on Freelancing which anyone can attend and become able to teach basic freelancing to anyone.

Start making money, at least Rs. 100,000 a month by teaching this course in your schools, mosques, and community centers.

Meet The Canva Fiverr Mentors

Whats the Freelancing Buzz on Social Media About?

Learn from your friends experience about freelancing